Kodei Brooks

Kodei Page-Brooks

CoBu Admin

Kodei was previously a qualified baker and pastry chef and is a big fan of getting to know people. He loves to have a yarn, learn new things and generally enjoys being in the company of others.

Kodei’s main interest is learning and he considers himself to be a perpetual student of life. His role in the organisation is broad and he could find himself doing anything from administration support of the community building team to reviewing policies and procedures from a Next Stage perspective to strengthen the organisation, and supporting the NDIS team with their compliance needs.

You will often find Kodei gathering relevant information from community development members to upload and create events on their ticketing system or creating content for the online course delivery platform.

The topic of Next Stage Organisations fascinates Kodei and he finds that working horizontally has been a way that he has worked naturally, even within the top-down structures of his past.

Kodei enjoys a good, deep dive into philosophical conversations about the structure of systems. To be able to work within, research and understand better ways of working for the future is both intriguing and exciting.

Point Cook, Melbourne, VIC