The Jeder Institute operates across Australia and throughout the world to create positive change for individuals and communities. We bring people together to realise their full potential, increase collective knowledge, explore insights and engage community members in conversations that matter to empower individual’s choice and control by:

  • Facilitating community conversations around critical social issues
  • Building individual and community resilience
  • Coordination of supports and capacity building (NDIS)
  • Engaging and connecting with a diverse range of communities
  • Co-developing organisational change management frameworks
  • Identifying and mobilising individual and community assets and strengths

The Jeder Institute is a not-for-profit, Next Stage Organisation (NSO), based in Australia. We are a human-centred organisation committed to addressing local, national and international challenges and issues and commit to challenging the systems and structures which impede people’s ability to live a good life.


The Jeder Institute focuses on community capacity building by identifying and building on existing strengths to create and live an ordinary life and to further create inclusive communities through collective action. The Jeder Institute provides strengths-focused workshops, training and facilitation to individuals, communities and organisations through both contemporary and well-known practices.

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Creating collective action

We are an innovative, international, strengths-focused organisation with extensive experience in creating collective action throughout the world specialising in:

  • Building individual and community capabilities and resilience (pre and post disaster).
  • Facilitating community conversations and events on critical social and environmental issues.
  • Supporting family capacity building (people with a disability &/or mental health challenges, their families and carers).
  • Identifying individual and community assets and strengths (e.g. mapping, recording).
  • Engaging and connecting with a diverse range of communities (economically vulnerable communities).

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Jeder’s 4 Pillars

Participatory Leadership are a set of foundational practices and principles that are based on relationships, respect, compassion and human-to-human engagement. It is an effective model of shared leadership which harnesses diversity, pays attention to equity, inclusiveness and fairness, builds community and creates opportunities for shared responsibility for authentic action.

Co-creation for change encourages Jeder Institute members to build on their blended practices and invite stakeholders to collectively address issues, discover opportunities for social change and offer their assets, strengths and skills into the collective design of high quality work. Peer to peer support encourages courageousness and a willingness to adapt for personal and professional growth.

Generosity of spirit shows up in Jeder Institute members readiness to give more of something than is necessary or expected and it is more than merely the actions of an individual. It is a way of being in the world, to create positive change and impact through openly sharing resources and by operating transparently as an organisation.

Self organising is a non-hierarchical and transparent way of co-creating for change and has the ability and authority for individuals to make decisions and for groups to readily adapt to changing demands. It is based on passion, trust, integrity and open communication.

Jeder's Gatherings

We aim to create positive change for individuals and communities around the world by bringing people together to realise their full potential, build on their existing networks and community strengths and to empower individual’s choice and control.

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