Steph Bitter

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Connector & Community Builder

Roving Listener


Steph is a young and enthusiastic individual, passionate about supporting people to realise and express the most authentic version of themselves. Keenly interested in the arts and creative expression, Steph enjoys helping people learn more about themselves, discovering what options they have to create a sense of belonging and find their place in the world.


With a background as a writer, performing musician and songwriter, Steph studied a Diploma of Community Services to align their passion for rights and social justice with a love of connecting with people. In their work, Steph blends Asset-Based Community Development, Participatory Community Development, and Person-Centred practices to support individuals and communities to find belonging and create authentic meaning in their lives.


Steph believes that creative expression opens a door for people to be more connected. They use their own creative pursuits – music and writing – to move through difficult emotions, express observations of life, and share stories of success and challenge.

0487 333 741
Bendigo, VIC