Training & Workshops

The Jeder Institute’s Facilitators, Planners and Trainers are highly experienced and have the opportunity to tap into each other’s strengths, skills and wisdom to ensure your training, workshop, gathering or event is of the highest quality.

What we offer is a suite of workshops and events which are underpinned by a range of strengths-focused, inclusive approaches.

  • Asset-based Community-driven Development (ABCD)
  • Art of Hosting/Harvesting & Participatory Leadership (AoH)
  • Art of Participatory Community Building
  • NDIS & Person Centred Practices (PCP)
  • Results Based Accountability (RBA)
  • Conscious Care & Support (CCS)
  • Graphic Recording
  • Flow Game

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

The Jeder Institute is a registered provider of Capacity Building Supports including Support Coordination and Behaviour Intervention Support. We provide opportunities for individuals with a disability &/or mental health challenges to lead a good life based on choice and control. We offer opportunities for families to develop networks, enhance skills, demonstrate leadership, share knowledge and capacities with others.

Support Coordination

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination helps you to understand the NDIS and how to maximise your NDIS plan so your needs are met and you achieve your goals.

Your Jeder Support Coordinator will:

  • Help you understand the details of your plan and what NDIS funded and community supports you can access
  • Find and connect you with providers locally and with other supports of your choosing
  • Work with you to develop service agreements with your selected providers and supports
  • Support you throughout your plan, particularly if things do not go as planned

Our Support Coordinators are the best people to assist you to bring your plan to life, achieve your desired outcomes and assist you to actively participate within your community to create a meaningful life, explore valued roles and active citizenship, this is because they:


Understand your community
  • Have extensive knowledge of your community and the services available in your area
  • Have well developed networks within communities, with service providers and therapy organisations so they can readily connect you to a wide range of supports.


Are dedicated to understanding your individual needs and preferences by
  • Applying a person-centred approach
  • Supporting you to make informed choices and decisions


Endeavour to support you, no matter how challenging the situation
  • Our Support Coordinators will be there to share your journey for as long as you choose.

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Behaviour Intervention Support

The NDIS funds specialised behaviour intervention support which, as outlined by the NDIS Commission, is about creating individualised strategies with people experiencing disability &/or mental health challenges that are responsive to the person’s needs, in a way that reduces occurrence and impacts of behaviours of concern and minimises the use of restrictive practices.

Under the NDIS Commission, ‘behaviour intervention support focuses on person-centred interventions to address the underlying causes of behaviours of concern or challenging behaviours, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with disability &/or mental health challenges who require specialist behaviour support.’


What is a Behaviour Support Plan?

A Behaviour Support Plan (BSP) is a document produced by a registered behaviour specialist which is developed to address complex behaviours of concern in order to improve the quality of a participant’s life and reduce the use of restrictive practices.


Who can develop a Behaviour Support Plan?

Only registered providers who are approved by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission can provide behaviour support or develop a behaviour support plan.


Further information regarding Behaviour Support and Behaviour Support Plans can be found at:

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Our facilitators are independent and have no connection with any service provider or funding body, participants are free to discuss any situation in a safe and confidential environment. Our facilitators are experienced planners that will work with you and your unique set of circumstances to support you to describe your life right now and what it will take to get to a more desirable future.

Asset-based Community Development & Participatory Community Building

Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) is a globally adopted approach that recognises and builds on the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities to create strong, inclusive and sustainable communities.

Participatory Community Building blends Asset Based Community-led Development (ABCD) and Art of Hosting (Participatory Leadership) to provide participatory; patterns, practices, processes, and principles to give you the tools to co-create projects and initiatives.

The Jeder Institute supports authentic social change through increased community engagement and participation. Our aim is to engage, inspire and activate your organisation &/or community to produce the following outcomes:

  • Skills and tools to support a connected community
  • Community members who are empowered by strengthened relationships
  • A shift in organisational and community mindset to one of positive discovery

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Participatory Community Building Guidebook

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Training & Workshop Opportunities

Project Development

The Jeder Institute’s practitioners are highly experienced in hosting and facilitation and are skilled in creating co-designed projects for communities and organisations such as:

  • Strategic Planning, e.g. visioning & planning sessions
  • Community Conversations, e.g. challenge focused discussions for action
  • Conscious Co-Design, e.g. topic focused, community-led action planning
  • Community Planning, e.g. community emergency/disaster planning

Community Development Programs

The Jeder Institute’s practitioners are highly experienced in co-creating community development initiatives which tap into the strengths, skills and wisdom of local community:

  • Deadly ABCD
  • Community Leadership
  • Community Organisers
  • Measuring What Matters
  • Organisational Capacity Building

Roving Listener

Supporting people experiencing vulnerabilities

Roving Listeners support individuals and communities to build community capacity, be more inclusive, achieve positive social outcomes for people and influence changes in our often unsympathetic systems.

The role of a Roving Listener is to help build better communities through the inclusion of people  experiencing vulnerability in our society.

The Jeder Institute’s definition of people experiencing vulnerability varies widely and includes people with:

  • Long-term vulnerability, i.e. people with disability
  • Mental health concerns and challenges
  • Short-medium term vulnerability, i.e. relationship breakdown, unemployment, a death in the family, or major illness

The common factor is that people in these groups are often marginalised in a way that can  make it more difficult to interact with the broader community. They may have special needs that  could make life harder, if neglected.

A Roving Listener needs to think about what vulnerability actually means in each context.

Disability activist, Michael Kendrick, when talking about the valued social roles of people experiencing vulnerability, says that people’s quality of life improves,

“When people are known by name, and know others by name and their contribution is 

valued, acknowledged & supported.” (2005)

As a member of the Jeder Institute, the Roving Listener works both autonomously and in a team  and they also benefit and contribute to the development and ongoing growth of the organisation.

Unconference & Big Convos

The Unconference is an alternative to the traditional conference and is a 2 or 3 day gathering. It is based on self-organising principles around your theme/topic/issue, where participants draw on collective wisdom to discuss challenges and share successes in a strengths-focused environment to discover powerful action!

Unconference & Big Convos

The Jeder Institute has hosted Unconferences in Australia & New Zealand and has played a key co-design role in various conferences in the UK, South Africa and India.

A Big Convo is a focused, one-day community conversation based around a specific topic identified by community members, organisations or services who want to explore the topic through a creative, in depth, series of discussions. The Jeder Institute has hosted hundreds of Big Convo’s throughout Australia for numerous communities and organisations.

The latest Unconference information can be found HERE!

Costs vary and are flexible according to what is needed.

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ABCD Asia Pacific Network

The ABCD Asia Pacific network was established in Australia in 2007 to offer a place for ABCD practitioners to gather and share their skills, talents and passions to support communities to discover and mobilise local assets.

Asset Based Community Development

The ABCD Asia Pacific network is a group of people across the region well versed in ABCD. We offer support, share successes and help with challenges and evaluation and understand the importance of acknowledging the wisdom and experience in our own backyards by highlighting the important cultural differences we offer in the Asia Pacific region.

For more information contact us here:

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The ABCD Asia Pacific network was established in Australia back in 2007 to gather practitioners to share their skills, talents and passions to support communities to discover and mobilise local assets.

The ABCD Asia Pacific network is a group of people across the region well versed in ABCD. We offer support, share successes and help with challenges and evaluation.

In 2007, the ABCD Asia Pacific network was the first group of professionals and practitioners to form outside of the ABCD Institute and the USA.

The founding members of the ABCD AP network realised the importance of acknowledging the wisdom and experience in our own backyards and highlighting the important cultural differences we offer in the Asia Pacific region. You can read more about the history of ABCD in Australia and AP regions in the blog section.

Our aim is to offer a place to discover resources and networks and to offer an information and research hub for anything you can’t find and want to ask questions about.

Some key points:

  • The ABCD Asia Pacific network is 10 years old in 2017 and was the first network of ABCD practitioners to come together outside of the US. Jody Kretzmann is one of the founding members
  • The network has, and always will be, a voluntary network which walks the talk of ABCD principles by encouraging people to offer their skills and abilities and by looking for opportunities to connect with others – including rotating participatory leadership
  • The network is about connecting people throughout the Asia Pacific region to increase their community building efforts
  • Members come from approximately 6 different countries and have cross-pollinated their ideas, skills and abilities in a variety of ways
  • The network supports people by sharing uniquely regional successes and offer support to each other to address challenges
  • Due to the geographical location, the network is diverse and innovative and encompasses community building practitioners from a range of strengths-focused methodological backgrounds which are complementary to the principles of ABCD

For 10 years now, the ABCD AP network has supported practitioners, communities and organisational efforts across the region and had grown to over 400 members before merging with the more recent ABCD in Action group, endorsed by the ABCD Institute and stewarded by ABCD Board and Faculty Members. It is a community where you can join conversations, add a new topic to the forum, discover resources and events coming up in your area and meet new people. There is also a Facebook group linked to this community.

Anyone interested in community-led practices and principles can join the ABCD in Action community here:

From the founding members.

“Asset Based Community Development provides key principles and practical tools to assist communities to help themselves and others discover and mobilise community strengths.”

In 2007, a group of people passionate about sustainable community development using the principles and practices introduced by Asset Based Community Development gathered to plan the first ABCD Asia Pacific conference to hosted by the Family Action Centre at Newcastle University in 2009.

ABCD Asia Pacific Founding members.

Org Committee

Organising committee for the first ABCD

Asia Pacific Conference in 2009 (above)

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The Ability Builders

A dedicated team of capacity builders, focused on working with NDIS participants to implement strategies to achieve their goals.

Ability Builders Logo

We are Natural capacity builders, a resourceful and experienced team with a large network in our local areas. We work with the participants current circle of supports to help identify where they may need extra support, implement strategies and support the participant to achieve those goals.


Want to get in contact with an ability builder or become one yourself, please email us at: