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What is SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is a powerful web-based application used for collaboration and information exchange across an organisation. In simple terms, SharePoint Online allows users to store, share and manage content seamlessly from device to device.


How do we use it?

We use SharePoint Online to store Jeder Institute’s files and folders so that all Jeder Instutite members can access and collaborate with them. Each member is given their own login to SharePoint Online where they will have access to much information such as:

  • Jeder Institute documents
  • Policies and Procedures
  • IT Helpdesk guides and support
  • Governance information
  • Templates, handbooks, and guides
  • And much more.


SharePoint is access via a standard web browser by visiting https://www.office.com and logging in with your Jeder Institute email address and password. You can then click on the SharePoint app to access the SharePoint site.

Information and instructions on accessing SharePoint can be found HERE!