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What is OneDrive

OneDrive is the cloud storage service that offers to store all your files in one place, which you can then access from virtually anywhere and from almost any device.


How do we use it?

We use OneDrive to store Jeder Institute’s member files. Each member is given their very own OneDrive storage space which cannot be access by anyone else in the organisation, including the Jeder Institute’s IT dept.

We suggest that you set up OneDrive onto your computer so that you can store files and folder that you are working on.

An example: may be that you are working on a report which takes many days to complete. You don’t want to show it to any other member by storing it on SharePoint where all members can see it pre-completion and you don’t want to store it on your computer because if your computer stops working you could lose your data.

This is when storing it in your OneDrive storage is a good option as you know you can access it from any device, in any location and it is safe from data lose.

Instructions on setting up and using Microsoft OneDrive can be found HERE!