Hosted By: Barbara Chappell from Simply Speaking.

Date: Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st May 2017

Who: Dee Brooks, Michelle Dunscombe, Michaela Kennedy, Leigh Dunscombe, Rachael Eyles, Pere Chiara, Jason Emmins, & Maree Hasanabadi; and Felicia Fitzgerald on Tuesday.



OUR PURPOSE: Build on how we can consciously connect and co-create our future through delving into what we have made together since our last gathering.



Day 1 – The Arrival

People began arriving from various parts of NSW and Queensland, this is the first Cossie gathering. This gave people the opportunity to catch up have coaching/mentoring/wellbeing sessions.

Other areas discussed during this time # assistance with CDS (entering data/claims) # Client Specific issues # specific IT issues.

Check in to circle.

Jason welcomed everyone and provided an overview of our gathering flow for the next two days.

Four-Fold Practice. A small teach was provided by Dee explaining how Four-Fold Practice is a practice from the Art of Hosting and Participatory Leadership. It was acknowledged that many Cossies have not completed this as part of membership and Jeder may need to run its own session due to growth with the Cossie space.

The four basic practices that are key:

  1. Hosting self – being truly present
  2. Being Hosted – Be a participant, learner, and contribute to conversation
  3. Hosting others – Step up to host conversations that conversations
  4. Community Hosting – being part of community that learns


Check in Questions: What are you leaving at the door? What gifts are bringing to gathering?


  • Anxiety
  • Nothing to leave
  • Stresses / pressures/ 1000 emails Hairy man at door /
  • Dramas – home work
  • Visa
  • Hectic week
  • No parking / miffed


  • Joy
  • Knowledge of the org
  • Peace to share
  • Awareness of ego
  • Fun / chats / mindfulness/ constellations/ knowledge / heart
  • Big sponge / green
  • Curious / Community synergy

After check in people were given the opportunity to catch up with their coaches, voting occurred for Open Space for day 2.

Six areas had been voted for via Loomio and these were presented to the group. Out of these six groups Complex Participants, Forms and Online platforms were chosen.

Check into circle was hosted by Kelly and Ally…

If you were a piece of fruit, what would you be and why?

Some interesting answers followed:

We are a mixed bag of fruit that is a little bit sweet, a little bit sour, an acquired taste, liked by some but not others, we have layers and can be colourful and be prickly and cheeky and slightly bent.

CIRCLE PRACTICE: Raye and Dee gave a brief teach of circle practice. The components of circle:

  • Intention
  • Welcome or start point
  • Centre and Check in or greeting
  • Agreements
  • 3 principles and 3 practices
  • Guardian of process
  • Check out and Farewell
  • Tend to the wellbeing of the group (remaining aware of the impact of our contributions)


Share/Teach: Loomio and G Suite.

Pere joined the gathering to share his knowledge on some of the on line platforms we use

PERE spoke about Jeder Technology, Click Here!

  • SLACK Explanation of how to use slack, all Cossies’ have access to Slack and were encouraged to
  • LOOMIO – Is used for Proposal making and decisions / discussions. Dee shared that Community Builders are only using this platform. Pere showed Cossies how to set up a Thread and to create individual groups for Jedi’s.


Dee and Pere commented on proposals after a brief discussion of why Jeder does it this way and that no answer is still an answer

  • G suite – Is currently being trailed as an alternative to Dropbox. Majority of people are struggling with this change but have agreed to continue with
  • Discussion regarding Barriers to using Technology – feedback included that it was hard (we are technophobic), time constraints to use


Jason spoke about open space process and the roles within this.


HOST: Announces and Hosts discussions

Participant: Participates in group discussions

Bumblebee: Cross- pollinate between groups

Butterfly: Might take time out to reflect.


Groups broke off to various parts of the dining room.

FORMS and Guides

  • tools and templates
  • access to a lot of it
  • clarity as not where it is supposed to be
  • access
  • PDF agreed to
  • collective agreement.
  • CoSSie work file has most in
  • Document used all the time – download it
  • IT’s – Loomio, G suite, Slack, Social Media
  • New people – expectations,
  • how do I find out?

self-managed framework


To become a proposal for Consent Decision Making.

Complex Clients

  • Complexities often become apparent after meeting with people and their supporters.
  • Discussions regarding Person Centred / layers of the person / different aspects of the
  • Mainstream providers and their responsibilities particularly with people with NDIS plans
  • they still have funding and responsibilities (refer to NDIA interface)
  • How to utilise PCP; Breaking down the complexities to decide priority;


Everyone is complex -just start Don’t complicate it. program/support-planning/

The web of complexity that we work with / in..


  • Pre-Planning Tools
  • Several should be available
  • Then what?
  • Framework / resources /
  • COS training – Jeder to deliver?
  • Conversation turned to constraints and changes within the CoS role and possible changes over the coming years within NDIA


A brief teach was provided by Dee for new members, key points were discussed regarding the process.

RIPENESS – Dee shared a short teach on Ripeness which is part of consent decision making.

Dee discussed processes and lead the first proposal.

Three proposals were offered:

The first proposal was presented by Michaela-

“the Jeder Policy and Procedures are collaboratively (all stakeholder representatives) reviewed as required (minimally annually?) and taken through the consent decision making process. A Jedi will be called to develop the who, how and when to get it done”.

To be reviewed in August 2018.       Proposal was passed.

The second proposal was presented by Margaret-

“To call a training and resource Jedi for COS”.

Passed and review date November 2018.

It was agreed by the collective that the third proposal would be carried over to tomorrow. (Friday)

Check Out:

Hosted by Meredith and her closing question was:

Use two words to describe what you got out of today.

  • Wow and awesome.
  • Good
  • Information and
  • we’re awesome
  • Jedi and collaborative
  • wasn’t disappointed.
  • I love it
  • Connection and direction
  • Information and good
  • learning and sharing
  • tired and thoughtful
  • Informational dingoes
  • too-much indoors
  • awesome collaborations
  • always learning
  • learning curve

Evening activities took place with further training and coaching from Coaches, an opportunity to connect with each other over dinner.

Day 2 photos

Margaret in her ‘ZEN’

CDS / Claims with Jason


Margaret in her ‘ZEN’

CHECK IN – Mindfulness walk along Collaroy Beach. People were asked to reflect and bring their intention and feedback to the group.



  • Head around Systems
  • More of those feelings – family here
  • who, when and how,
  • continue to let flow through me
  • feel present,
  • found my tribe / people,
  • carry stories and
  • Doing the good things
  • Be generosity in spirit,
  • Get thru and keep energy flowing


  • Not alone any more, okay to be different
  • Grounding, connection -touch, talk, connected to self -connection to others
  • broadly about the organisation – community need to be aware of the different things within the Cossie
  • Generosity of spirit what does it really mean,
  • How do we get people to see and understand?
  • Mindful of being mindful, a hole in the shell could be about something really awful or maybe the part that you have given away to .
  • Re-energised.
  • Not everything is easy, important learning can

Teach Share:

 Person Centred Approaches/Review

Jason introduced the teach/share around person centred approaches to reviews. One of the fundamental practices of how we conduct our business.


Question is: “we say we are person centred, but how do we then demonstrate that we actually are”

A number of tools were presented by Michaela. This included the:

  • 5 circles of relationships,
  • 7 keys to citizenship,
  • What’s going well / what needs work and some other resources/tools.

COS role- once the system settles down, we can actually get back to really good planning as the NDIS system is not person centred (it is more system centred around fitting into the box).

The question here was how we get good planning and then how do we tweak and twist to fit into the system.

Yvonne then extended this to “how to make the connection?”- and it’s through the demonstration of this that we achieve this.

We also need to remember this is one of the biggest social change, and it will take its time.

Reflection on the deinstitutionalization and how long this has taken (and we still have not got there yet), but it is about going through the change process.

Person Centred Approaches have been told by the sector around a deficit based medical model, and we have not had an opportunity to go on a journey around building capacity.

We will have more opportunities over the next 6 months to train and develop our skills in the fundamental skills required to embed our practice.

The 7 Keys to Citizenship and Relationships Map’s tools were presented and discussed in more detail- a practical example was given.

Relationship Circle

  • mapping our
  • Identifies opportunities for personal support and assistance. Its personal and doesn’t have to be shared with anyone.



  • Information gather – Ideas and solutions
  • CDS is the starter, get it right and other things go
  • CSV to if agency managed
  • Michaela – Syd
  • Jason – Southern
  • Ray – Northern
  • Successful CSV, errors reports Cossies will be
  • Self and Plan Managed to Sara –
  • NDIS managed to
  • Jason is going to change “self’ managed use plan
  • Don’t use fee for service use plan
  • Do 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hours in CDS. No more 5, 10 minute logs
  • Name of file MUST have your initial at the
  • Reconciliation to Jeder from Proda, it is then distributed to respective
  • Bucket reports are completed monthly by 15th
  • Profit and Loss
  • Cash and Accrual
  • Transaction account
    • Cash is what is physically in bucket, accrual is what may be in bucket if all invoices paid.
    • Transaction reports should show in and out. Accrual and transaction should be the same.
    • Transaction report to reflect CSV
    • Jason and Ray to be sent any
    • Line items need to be clarified on transaction


Bucket reports question?

  • This is where you get paid
  • DON’T go in negative
  • Conversation with
  • Manual claims – provider payment requests to regional
  • Must be accompanied by CSV file.



  • Pay yourself – collective or
  • Form on website or email to finance to be paid fortnightly
  • Collective will have super and tax taken out and paid for
  • Back end website login via home, admin, passcode is in the IT Handbook
  • Discussion regarding billable

OPEN SPACE proposal to do one area as a group due to the people leaving. KEEP TRACK NDIA –

Hosted by Lyn

  • Required from NDIA /
  • COS space -referral / initial meeting / 3 month report/ 9 – 10 month update report different for Self-Managed – accountability
  • Less changes – written stuff open to interpretation – rules
  • Legislation / regulation – hasn’t changed:
  • Justify information – re price guide states / in the planning meeting
  • Refer to guidelines,
  • Capacity / location impact on access – organise for a provider to do several appointments at
  • Networks – Facebook – refer to resource list at
  • Request for Service – guideline for reporting – critical / Best practice
  • Process and Procedure – minimum (Best practice for Jeder)
  • Co-Created with participant
  • Best Practice – what does the person- handbook
  • Discussion re NDIA and looking at Plan Manager / COS
  • Reasonable / necessary – a discussion around how this looks / individual / socio – economic status, CALD, Aboriginal, other minority groups already
  • Role of the support worker, what does that look like?
  • AAT decisions, NDIS removing the AAT possibly?
  • NDIS blocking doors – volume of complaints against Yvonne provided example of Local Members being asked not to take
  • PRODA – permissions
  • Review: Planner allocated on day / time constraint / resulting in shit plans / review
  • 8-week review / end of plan report – add
  • Documentation – Quotes / Therapy reports / all uploaded – CDS / portal / email



Handbook to include reporting – Rach by end of Aug 2018 PRODA Accounts: Mic and Lynne to discuss.


NDIS Audit

Mic and Jason

  • Outcomes driven / Auditing safeguarding /
  • Quality and Safeguards Commission – provider registration / Behaviour Leadership / reportable incidents / worker engagement / practice standards/ responding to risks in the industry.
  • Self-Audit / DSS – 23 registration
  • Example Young man with Downs Syndrome COS not registered
  • SDA / Specialised COS / BIS – registered
  • 3-18 months to audit – registration rolls
  • Work out what we deliver – Jeder registered for Capacity
  • Build in feedback – documentation – discussed possible options such as survey monkey / printable survey, ask to use
  • Discussion re Barriers to completing feedback. people pleasing,
  • Peer Feedback – whole selves into work – feedback



Kelly, Jason, Donna, Mic, Yvonne; will be part of Policy and Procedure Jedi, they will complete Continuous Improvement register.



  • Contactor vs Employee –
  • Finance Jedi
  • CoSSie – SHaDs award – how we fit in with that
  • Clarification sought regarding A
  • Employee Jeder has obligations
  • We work as a Contractor under legislation after 3 months become an employee
  • Next Stage Org – self managing, nominate own hours
  • Legal responsibilities – NDIA compliance
  • IR
  • Collaborative – contractor
  • Collective – employee
  • Membership work – same terminology – changed at Policy Level
  • Discussion re SCHCADS award, employee relationship


OUTCOME: Join membership Jedi



Michaela proposed

“Document Management Process”


  1. PDF is final and includes a review
  2. Any changes to PDF requires a thread in Loomio and proposal for consent decision making – 1 week / 7 days
  3. The new document is recorded on document register and is found in G suite – team drive.
  4. All Jeder Promotional material requires feedback from a
  5. Share resources in G suite make appropriate
  6. Promotion feedback from coach – Jeder promotion / workshop /
  7. Timeframe –
  8. Document Register – review must be added
  9. Where do we find – Gsuite / team drive
  10. Do all documents have date of review – not all documents have dates


Review Date: August 2018 Proposal Passed



What are you taking away?

  • Huge amounts of info
  • Excited to get into the office – get into g suite
  • Putting into practice
  • Feeling better – more to go to simplify and tighten things up- growth possibilities – foundations being laid with growth
  • Connections at gatherings
  • Comradery lots of information, excited to get back to office
  • Sense of knowledge that everyone has, bits that connect, just fits, right people are here with the right passions
  • Information – thousand questions that have stopped, passion that was lost is now back, great conversations. Added to my
  • Confusion – will be getting lighter, what evolves from here
  • A lot of info – about Cossie job, more about the organisation, can see it clearer, not set in concrete, opportunity – take on what we are passionate about – to be part of that I am
  • Big tick
  • A silver box and giving a gift – given our gifts -whatever that is
  • Come together and feel that energy – disconnect a pulsating mushy brain – all
  • Pulsating, mushy brain sums it
  • Lots of work.
  • Deep listening has re-invigorated the passion in
  • The silver box resonated, we all have gifts to
  • I’m excited for the next 12 months in terms of the work and scared, seeing what we’ve done in the last 12
  • A full brain, I’ve taken in so much information it’s crazy.
  • I’ve loved being around people that are so
  • I have strategies to help me and people that will support
  • Thank you for accepting
  • Faces to names, great to meet
  • It was not only about coming here to understand how it is all operating and working, it was also about me stepping into a new
  • Read out a text sent to work
  • So next steps for me is asking a heap of questions about the practical
  • Lots of excitement, connections,
  • I would have liked to learn more about the community building and what is
  • I loved the connections and the authenticity within each of
  • Lots of learning, knowledge and excitement with a healthy dose of
  • I think we are here for the right
  • It’s great we are doing all the work that is needed to keep us safe and I reckon we won’t need to use

Thank you to Jason, Rachael and Yvonne for your work with putting together the gathering. Thank you to Cecily, Margaret, Lisa, Pam and Yvonne for the fantastic meals over the three days..

Mastered it…..

(using the singing bowl)