Art of Hosting participant​

I have been facilitating groups for over 30 years, but the Art of Hosting provided a new approach to engaging people around their most cherished values and working together for the common good.

Jody Kretzmann
ABCD Institute, NorthWestern University, Chicago

The Jeder team’s Australian ABCD examples and stories are constructive and enjoyable and their enthusiasm is highly contagious. Their interactive, participatory style assists people in feeling inspired and motivated to try new techniques to discover what is useful and relevant. I would recommend the Jeder Institute’s team to any community, service, organisation or government department.

Michael Callan
Director General, Defence Community Organisation, Department of Defence

Dee’s knowledge and resources in relation to ABCD has been invaluable to staff in the Area Offices and at Headquarters in Canberra.

Workshop Participant
Senior Manager, Hunter New England Health

I have been in Health for over 20 years and this is by far the best workshop I have ever been to! The trainer was excellent – well spoken, very specific & gave us the chance to contribute our personal experience to make it relevant to each individual!

Jim Haywood
Centacare, Brisbane

This training was the best personal and professional investment I have made in 10 years!

Jemima Richards
Firefoxes, Kinglake

Thank you Michelle for facilitating and guiding us to keep us on track as the energy and excitement grew!

Workshop Participant
Manager, NSW State Government Department

I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Michaela and Dee from the Jeder Institute to develop and deliver a training package specific to a cutting edge, new program of social change. Jeder were collaborative in their approach and dynamic in their delivery of phased training to a diverse 300 person statewide team, across multiple venues. Couldn’t have asked for a more inclusive, person-centred and strengths based approach from a training provider.

NDIS Workshop Participant
NDIS Workshop Participant

Finally what I’ve been waiting for, Jeder again! This is by far the BEST workshop a carer could really get skilled up in how to prepare their NDIS plan to get the wordings right before meeting with their NDIS planners/LAC. For the depth of content regarding how to think, prepare and the key words that you needed, Jeder is still the best place to go to.

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