We are a dream team!

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5 Core principles of our work

  • Use the power of your imagination
  • Think bigger than you are
  • Focus on growth
  • Keep the right people around you
  • Set goals along the way

Our experience

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Meet our specialists

Freya Pearson Support Coordination I have a background as a clinical nutritionist (BHSc-Nut Med) – with a focus of my practice being mood and mental health. My practice is holistic which considers the whole person: mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. I have a strong belief and understanding in the power of lifestyle and diet on…

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Abigail Brown Support Coordination Abigail is a Registered Nurse by background with clinical and case management experience in supporting people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, intellectual disability and/or mental health and complex psychosocial challenges. Using a person-centred approach Abigail supports people to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence they need to effectively manage and make…

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Kate Johnstone

Kate Johnstone Support Coordination I have been working with people in a caring role forever … I love being with people and when I can help, it is especially rewarding. I worked as a support worker in Aged Care, with teenagers as a youth leader and with small people until I had a family of…

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Helen Aaron

Helen Aaron Support Coordination Bachelor of Social Science Diploma of Professional Counselling Active Support Practitioner Helen has spent the past 14 years working in the community services sector in service coordination and carer support roles, with the past 3 years working within the NDIS framework as a Support Coordinator. Helen has a genuine passion for…

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Christopher Manassa Support Coordination Christopher is a compassionate and committed individual who has successfully completed a Bachelor of Social Science and a Certificate IV in Disability. For the past eight years, Christopher has put his passion into practice in Government and non Government Disability organisations. His employment and life experiences has provided him with in…

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Lorna Mckenzie Support Coordination Working as a Social worker, Coach and Trainer for years has meant that I have coached many people regarding their health and wellbeing. I have assisted people to set achievable health and wellbeing goals and help them find their personal vision for the changes they would like to make for a…

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Katrina Loukas Support Coordination & Behaviour Support Practitioner Katrina Loukas is a compassionate, strengths-based, data-driven, ecosystems-focused, trauma-informed, holistic-minded Behaviour Support Practitioner. Before this work, she helped hundreds of individuals & groups through her Sydney-based private practice in psychotherapy and holistic counselling over a 10 year period. Prior to psychology, Katrina worked in research and evaluation…

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Victor TylerJeder Collective Support Coordination, Behaviour Support Practitioner & Trainer I am an educator and trainer I established and managed a tertiary college known as “Art and Pottery School”. I established a primary and secondary school” Fern Valley Montessori School” I am a current Director of “Kieran and Matt’s Place Ltd’ a not for profit…

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