Drew Rogers

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Support Coordination

Drew’s authentic and inquisitive approach is as diverse and creative as his skillset. From environmental journalism, to teaching surfing to young people living with disability. Advocating to state government, to publishing a photography book increasing awareness around homelessness. He aims to connect, educate and advocate in innovative ways to assist everyone to achieve their goals and be their best self.

Having spent the past 7 years working in the Northern Rivers area and providing services for people experiencing homelessness, Drew has developed strong community-wide relationships based on openness and honesty. Through collaborative supports, he has a well-informed understanding of how to navigate sectors such as Justice, Health, Housing and the NDIS. Using this knowledge, together with a ‘one size does NOT fit all’ person-centred approach, Drew thrives when creating support networks beneficial to peoples wellbeing.

0466 902 441
Northern NSW