Hosted By: Barbara Chappell from Simply Speaking.

Date: Tuesday 30th & Wednesday 31st May 2017

Who: Dee Brooks, Michelle Dunscombe, Michaela Kennedy, Leigh Dunscombe, Rachael Eyles, Pere Chiara, Jason Emmins, & Maree Hasanabadi; and Felicia Fitzgerald on Tuesday.



OUR PURPOSE: Build on how we can consciously connect and co-create our future through delving into what we have made together since our last gathering.



We gathered on Sunday evening to clear the dust and set the tone for how we wanted to spend the next couple of days together.

Our check-in question was about hope and curiosity.



  • Alignment when working with others
  • Strategic plan
  • Move from fear – will we get through    What will it look like?
  • Stronger, clearer, committed
  • Clear direction for all – vision – purpose    Clarity – where do I fit in?
  • A way to gift
  • Build on relationships
  • Everyone gets what we are about    Clarity – get to know everyone
  • Clarity for the whole
  • Can embrace the vulnerability    Build on what we’ve already got
  • Walk away in control of Cossie role


  • What can we achieve?
  • Curious about if we will make it
  • What is next stage Jeder?
  • What the organisation does?
  • Curious about everything
  • What is the bigger picture?
  • Systems mapping
  • How can we transition to this different way (Teal)
  • Curious about how to hold this space
  • Where do we want to go?


In preparation for the gathering Barbara read through the harvest from Pittwater, the notes on what people wanted to cover during the gathering; and the emails shared leading up to the gathering; and made a few phone calls to gain an understanding of what the gatherers might be seeking.

It seemed we were already in divergence before we gathered, so our first “jump in” on Sunday evening was to get a sense of “Where we have been”? (since the last gathering); “Where we are”? (as we gather together); and “Where we are headed”? (so we could re-shape the flow if needed). And re-shape it we did over the two days of gathering within a culture of co-creation. So grateful for that.

A desire for clarity of purpose and a clear and common direction came out strong from this conversation.


Given the day was coming to an end and sleep was not far off, our check-out question was “What is your dream for the next two day”?

  • Not be a member of the Vikings (you had to be there for many of these)
  • Asset mapping
  • Stop doing f#*! Accounts
  • Sail in a big Viking ship
  • Sail in calm waters
  • More connection – less isolation
  • Clarity
  • Not to be isolated
  • Relaxing – what Jeder does
  • Matrix
  • Systems mapping
  • Large group working together
  • Donut out
  • Points of calm/stability
  • Everyone to be comfortable
  • Acceptance flow and letting go
  • Agreement
  • Tapping into collective wisdom
  • Be less serious – seriously!

How do we maintain balance/equilibrium when the system is always changing.



We started the day with the check-in question “What does today look like for you?


What we shared:

  • Go with the flow
  • Clarity, clearer directions about how we fit    Like the look of the flow – task focused
  • Develop relationships – more of good stuff – less of the groan
  • Clarity – excited within all the stuff going    Consolidation, clarity
  • Ditto!
  • Light! Where do things go (belong)?    Rocks, sand in a jar
  • Responding, sensing
  • And lots of laughter as we eased into the day.


Our connection activity was based around 6 events that we all got to make decisions about and then we explored what we drew on to make those decisions, i.e. values, beliefs and assumptions and other things like perception, past experiences, stage in life, geographical location etc.

The values that people are generally willing to claim were brought into the conversation, e.g. trust, fairness, integrity. The values that we are less willing to claim such as control, power, influence, money etc. were also brought into the conversation to support the gatherers thinking through all we were experiencing as we work through reinventing the organisation.



We opened up a conversation on “What is Jeder if it is “Tealish? Or is it something else – maybe a hybrid organisation”? We soon realised we were not that clear on what a “teal” organisation is. We used the 3 core elements of “teal” (wholeness, self-management and evolutionary purpose) to explore the development of a common understanding of what “teal” means for Jeder.


Everyone working to a common evolving purpose with intentional integrity.


Hosting self, being hosted, hosting others, being part of a community that hosts.

Evolutionary purpose:

Responding to and nurturing change.

Updates on Co-creation

The “teal” conversation was followed by updates from our gatherers using 3 questions as a framework for their updates:

CoSsie’s by Michaela


What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

We grew very quickly, having 150 participants and 8 CoSsies within 8 months. Very exciting but for some it was overwhelming. Felicia and Kerry have decided to leave the CoSsie work with Jeder and do this work for Anala. I’m disappointed by their decision and it is a shame they could not see it through with us.


What is about to happen?

We have investigated the NDIS registration process and while it is a lot of work it is doable. We have established a team to work on the documentation that is required. Pere will lead the team with Michaela’s support, Michelle and Maree will focus on the governance and Jason and Rachael will focus on the Operational Policies. Pere will Jederize all documents and map them to the standards.


What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

Getting ready for the Third Party Verification process (TPV). We have Kathy Rees an independent auditor available to support what we need.

Greece by Dee and Michelle


What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

More understanding of Next Stage World (Teal) principles and understanding that we are learning as we go and that’s okay. Policies, procedures and accountability are important for Next Stage organisations – just because we are boss-less doesn’t mean we don’t have to follow agreed rules. It’s about the way we go about developing the rules (making sure it’s not top down).

Michelle and Dee travelled to Monolithos, Rhodes, Greece to attend the Next Stage Gathering (Teal, next-stage orgs) – they travelled holding the question around TPV and how a highly-regulated initiative could fit in a next-stage organisation. They attended a pre-conference Constellation workshop hosted by Rainer, Lena and Maude and stayed on after a full week for a post-conference Teal Mentoring workshop hosted by George, Chris and Anna.

A couple of things became clearer; 1. we are not fully Teal, nor do we need to be 2. we are quite a way forward on the next-stage path, which was affirmed by others at the gathering 3. CoSsies CAN fit, it we make a commitment for it to (because we don’t have to be Teal).


What is about to happen?

Continuing our development as a Next Stage organisation and ensuring that all Jeder team members understand what it is we are creating.

Michelle has joined a newly formed Teal Mentoring group with George, Chris and Anna and will be a Jeder voice in this community of practice. Dee will keep drawing the circles and donuts in her head, as they become clearer with each amendment, as she senses into the shape of Jeder.


What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

Our organisational structure is emerging and ever-changing. We need to pay attention to the relationships between each other and continue to grow together. Michaela is attending the next gathering in Rhodes in October.

Membership by Dee


What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

The roles from Pittwater were vast and Pere did a great job in condensing them for the Slack channels – this has offered the basis for a newly designed membership document which has been emerging for many months – it has been co-designed by Dee and Felicia up until recently.


What is about to happen?

Dee will finish the document herself as Felicia has pulled back from Jeder work and Dee feels she has it clear enough in her head to merge half a dozen documents together and finalise a draft to share with the broader Collective.


What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

What is emerging is a well-rounded document, which is not overwhelming, (I hope?!?) and will offer new members clearer information. We need to pay attention to the detail in the draft that Dee sends through. A thorough edit, putting yourself in the shoes of a new member, will be required.

Tech and Information Management by Pere

Pere discussed the platforms that we have been using for virtual communications and the different uses they have. He also presented the idea of virtual team work from the perspective of psychological safety and purpose based on the workshop “Work and play in virtual teams” of Nora Ganescu & Gertraud Wegst. There was a discussion around the different levels of technical know how and the way that impacts communication in a virtual environment.


What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

There was a flurry of activity using the Slack platform which as died down as we’ve realised it’s not useful for all forms of communication. Decision making processes were explored on Slack but weren’t so effective. We moved decision making and discussion to Loomio which is working better. Many people have returned to email as the default form of communication. It is clear that people use technology in different ways and levels of technical know how are not frowned upon.


What is about to happen?

Communications will be simplified with email and the Slack general channel being the default method for Collective wide messages. Small teams will continue to use Slack as they see fit. Loomio will continue to be used for collective decision making and in depth discussions. Google drive and

Dropbox are currently being used for storage while a back end to the Jeder website is developed to house standard documents and forms. People will be encouraged to jump into the technology or ask questions if they are unsure and this will later be incorporated into induction processes.


What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

There is a need for a more formal induction process for new collective members and if possible in person meetings. There is a lot of information to get through so the best practice is to keep it simple.

Everybody uses email so that was felt to be the best default form of communication. Slack continues to be of benefit to Cossies and for general announcements but not for information management.

Loomio is the best platform for Collective decision making and in depth discussions about proposals and issues that affect everyone.

Virtual communication emerged as a key area to focus on, particularly due to the fact that the Collective is geographically spread out. Psychological safety needs to be paid attention to but members need to understand that virtual communication doesn’t always translate the same way as verbal communication with all of the other non-verbal cues that accompany it. The Hunter Gathering group came up with “Agreed ways to virtually share, connect and make decisions in a safe and supported way that everyone understands and commits to.” This is yet to be fully explored and enacted at a policy level but marked the beginning of discussions about the importance of agreement, connection, involvement in decision-making, safety, support, understanding and commitment. It is the beginning of a foundation for effective collaboration and a quality framework for inviting commitment from and meeting the needs of members.

Website and email management by Leigh


What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

Ongoing maintenance of site and new email addresses.


What is about to happen?

New Jeder backend to streamline administration tasks, and store Jeder Collective contacts, Policies, Procedures, templates etc.
Merging all existing lists and databases to Salesforce.


What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

Whether Salesforce could be used by CoS or do we need to look at another system. Providing me (IT) with clear instructions or requests re website updates etc.



What has happened since the Pittwater Gathering?

The Unconference, the NDIS and ABCD Asia Pacific web pages are neglected. These need teams around them who will liaise with Leigh.


What is about to happen?

  1. Dee has offered to host the Unconference space but also needs resource support such as the 2015 video info from Michaela.
  2. Michelle and Dee are asking some of the other young, passionate ABCD people if they would like to take the network over.
  3. NDIS page needs resource support as well.

What do we need to pay attention to – what is emerging?

Ventures are emerging! We need to make a decision on which area interests which member? Who will hold the space or be part of the team? This will also be an offering in the membership details.


In preparing the flow we responded to what the gatherers were indicating they wanted to spend time paying attention to:

  • COSsie’s,
  • Website and email management
  • Roles, Channels/Working Groups
  • Organisational Third Party Verification
  • Paid Roles
  • Unpaid Roles
  • Technology and Information Management


We were going to use an open space approach so gatherers could spend time on what mattered to them. Together we considered what we needed to do with all the things that needed attention and we co-created a revised approach.

Dee, Michelle and Lee paid attention to “Paid Roles”. Under this heading they covered off on:

TPV, IT and Administration (Organisational Administration and COSsie Administration).

They got really task focused and drafted a job description for the Organisational Administration Role with a “must have” skill set and desirable skills that included many of the roles identified during the Pittwater Gathering. Many of these roles need attention now and as we transition to self- organising, these roles and who does them can evolve, but for now, someone needs to take on these roles so things get done.

Michelle to work with Shirley to develop up the job description and determine how it might be implemented.

The COSsie Administration Role Job Description to be developed and Michelle and Michaela to work on a cost model for the COSsie Administration Role.

Next it was time to draft a job description for the IT Role. Again, the “must have” skill set was identified and desirable skills that picked up more of the roles from the Pittwater Gathering.

Leigh and Dee to work on the job description.

While they were on a role Dee, Michelle and Leigh tackled Membership Monkeys

Dee and Felicia had been working on membership leading up to the gathering.

Dee mapped out the levels of membership, benefits, what contributions will be required and the process for becoming a member and being a member.

This work is well under way.

Michaela, Jason, Rachael and Maree paid attention to the COSsie role.

There was so much to talk about here and talk they did. Through much divergence they found their way through the all the noise to the beginnings of convergence on all things COSsie. Key outcomes from the workshop:

  • Let go of the past
  • More of what works – less of what doesn’t    Need guidelines for new people
  • Weekly catch-ups to review what is happening    Clarify Admin role for COSsies



Our check-out question after a challenging day of reflection and co-creation was, “What have we created together today”?

We went outside to play ball on the refreshing green grass before our check-out. So with the grace of the gatherers and because it was nice to be outside and I didn’t have pen and paper, I got to listen fully and not record the offerings from the check-out. We spoke of many positive things.



In the evening we travelled to a Hunter Valley restaurant for dinner and lots of fun things happened, most notably the entry of the Raggy Dolls into Jeder. It all started with gatherers messing around with the reversing camera on Michaela’s car and the rest is history in the making. Names have been withheld to protect the innocent or something to that effect.

The Raggy Dolls is a 1980s British cartoon series which originally aired on ITV from 1986 until 1994. The series is set in Mr. Grimes’ Toy Factory, where imperfect dolls are thrown into a reject bin. While unobserved by human eyes, the dolls come to life and climb out of the reject bin to have adventures. The series was designed to encourage children to think positively about physical disabilities, as well as teaching kindness, tolerance and humility towards others. A great fit for us.


We started the day with the good hosting question, “What is alive in us today”?



  • TPV is doable
  • Healing space for Dad (this is what I wrote down)
  • Universe does its work
  • Feel energised and clear about why I want to be here
  • Give energy to grow things (can see it)
  • Belief we can find energy to keep things going
  • Settled the dust yesterday
  • Nothing is on top of us now
  • Feels comfortable
  • Raggy Dolls
  • Not bread (Dee)
  • Jason Back to Front
  • We all share a connection
  • New found sense of direction
  • Clarity – able to be present – aside from the inner stuff
  • Clarity – see a way out of the groan zone – part of Raggy Doll family

I think it was during this check-in that Pere talked about being an old stone and more about bread making (you really had to be there – really!).


A wonderful discovery from yesterday was that we needed to pay attention to how we go about transitioning from a traditional organisation to a Teal organisation; and if “Teal” was the word/term we wanted to use for Jeder.


We talked about intentional change and the work of Richard Boyatzis. The way to create change, according to him, is to commit to one change at a time. So the gatherers worked in pairs to decide on one thing they would commit over the next month to shift them towards self-management, one thing for wholeness; and one thing for evolutionary purpose (the 3 core elements of Teal organisations).

When they were “baked”, they gathered in groups of 4 and shared their “ingredients” and to complete the recipe, they gathered as a whole group and created a vision for Jeder as a “next stage” organisation (“next stage” is the alternative to “Teal”.

Dee and Leigh will work up a “next stage” graphic.



Gatherers to revisit their commitments in a month’s time to see how they are going with them and celebrate or re-commit.

Change takes intention, attention and caring for yourself.


Barbara delivered a session on Results Based Accountability to start us thinking from an outcomes perspective. (insert a hyperlink to the PP slides please)

(note to Dee, Michelle, Michaela – not sure what we decided to do with RBA at this stage)


Before lunch we found a bit more dust to deal with and just enough energy to get through this session.
This is where we revisited the roles generated during the Pittwater Gathering and how we were going with attending to these roles in a self-organising organisation.

We talked about how SLACK and Loomio were evolving to support our working in these roles and we considered talking about what was working and what was not working. As we diverged and found ourselves well into the groan zone, the outcome focus from the previous session offered us a pathway to grow through the fog.

Okay, I said it offered a way through the fog.

The gatherers took some time out to consider the outcome they wanted from our ways of connecting on-line in between our face-to-face gatherings.

This is what emerged that we could agree on.

Actions to achieve this outcome include the “How to Guide”; tips to help us learn; and all of us asking questions when we don’t know how to do something in SLACK or Loomio.


Confidence was riding high at this point and so the gatherers moved outside to deal with TPV.

A working plan came together with everyone starting to understand where they fitted in the plan; what they could contribute and how they could do it.

We really seemed to be getting the hang of things by this stage. All the ground breaking work achieved at Pittwater was being built on and the gatherers were gaining the clarity they came seeking.


The check-out question was “What will you take away from the gathering”?



  • Feel like next step is happening – points of connection clear
  • Clarity for the whole COSsie’s not on top anymore – “tensional integrity” of organisational structure is the key for me
  • About where I fit in – things happening
  • Exceeded expectations – clarity, confidence, lighter
  • Curiosity and hope addressed – sense of way forward – have a lightness – a direction
  • Sense of what the organisation does – how I fit in
    We are awesome – feel stronger – clear plan
  • Next stage better
  • Yes we will make it – not frustrated or confused – clarity is here
  • Knowing how privileged I was to have you all holding this space